Latest Work

Red Hot Social created several components of the SEO Hero HQ website’s graphic design and managed the site’s social network integrations. Red Hot’s “SEO Hero” virtual build features a visually engaging design layout that is both dynamic and interactive.

Red Hot’s custom design team treats each webpage creation as a landing page. In other words, we believe each page presentation should be visually captivating and every pixel should serve purpose.

Catch the Eye of your Audience

The above video-info-graphic is a HTML5 video presentation with fully functional and interactive navigational overlay. This is just a single example of a customized header’s “landing page” built by Red Hot. The video creation, “catch the eye of your audience” is currently live and functions as above.

Differing from the above video presentation, the live version features a “button” that when clicked scrolls the user below the video header directly to the webpage’s written content.

Red Hot’s HTML5 video presentations are built to order dependent on the expectations, artistic visions, and missions set forth by all Red Hot clients.

Social Network Integrations