Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence to Improve User Experience

The future of Website design and search engine optimization techniques are here now. You may have noticed websites are getting progressively more intelligent serving up personalized ads, suggestions, and customized user experiences. Major search engines are also taking up this technology.

Google’s RankBrain utilizes machine learning artificial intelligence systems that decipher human search patterns and allocates search results based on these learned patterns. Currently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Picower scientists are leading the way to unraveling the components that drive essential human capacities to remember, learn, and adapt. However, advancements in AI are only beginning to take form to malleable web based applications.

Increasingly, web technologies and SEO heroes are interjecting AI into Internet audience applications. Facebook, is a prime example of machine learning system applications. For example, after visiting a website that markets a specific product or niche; when logged back into your Facebook account you may notice these intelligent ads. Often, the AI ads include advertising content from previously visited websites.

Red Hot deploys state of the art machine learning utilizing Google Analytics and other website semantics to understand the audience experience on the fully developed website. The machine data is compiled and analyzed by the Red Hot web development team. Based on the AI, Red Hot adjusts the website’s construction and contents to better fit the audience data criteria.