Privacy & Data Security

Red Hot takes your customers privacy and data security very seriously. Online security measures are needed to ensure that your web audience has a safe, private, and uninterrupted data connection to your server. If your company’s website exchanges personal information including passwords, financial data, or customer data encryption is mandatory.

Red Hot's Radiant Digital Data and Website Security
Red Hot’s Radiant Digital Data and Website Security

Websites without secure sockets layer (SSL), or transport layer security (TLS) encryption safety measures in place leave consumers vulnerable to malware, phishing, and data attacks. These attacks are increasing in frequency and severity daily. In 2016 Google gave websites with SSL cryptographic protocols installed a ranking boost, and sites with SSL technology installed are given more visibility in the SERP.

SSL, or TLS can be taken a step further with several server-side IT solutions available from the leaders of Internet security such as McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro and Webroot. Red Hot’s Radiant Digital Building Team has precision experience when it comes to website security. Professional websites require constant security monitoring that demands far more than SSL, or TLS encryption. We build industry websites from raw code—raw code which can stand the test of time. Red Hot website design and CMS hosting has provided our clients with complete piece of mind knowing that every pixel and word created is completely accounted for by our Radiant Digital Web Security!

Superhero Web Security

A website has infinite ranking possibilities when proper SEO has been deployed by Red Hot’s web development team. When a website reaches the echelon of ranking status, also known as the top five organic search positions, the website will have to defend itself and deflect DDoS attacks, network port scans, and other nefarious hacking attempts for one simple reason: marketeers will want what you have, success!

Have you heard the word about the bird? released a contest that boasts a $50,000 prize for the top SEO Hero. The four month SEO challenge is a true amplification which defines the current state of the art requirements for Superhero Web Security! Defending against negative SEO, hacking exploits, DDoS attacks, brute force login attempts, and port scans are an everyday occurrence for web development superheroes!

SEO Hero HQ’s Web Security Team Infographic. The HTML5 header media is featured live at SEO Hero HQ!

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